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Nickerson Lake

A pine needle carpet on the island … Loons calling on a moonlit night

S’mores and ghost stories by the campfire

The rope swing …

The smell of the forest after a rain …


The charitable and benevolent purpose of this non-profit corporation shall be to provide
to the general public free access to land preserved in its natural state for purposes of
hiking, picnicking, and general out-of-door recreational use subject only to such
regulation as shall be deemed necessary by the corporation in order to safe-guard the
persons of the public and to forever preserve and enhance the natural state of any and
all pieces or parcels of real estate that may be conveyed to it by any person or persons
whatever, including thereby the preservation of all species of flora & fauna found or
subsequently introduced onto said real estate that shall not be deemed detrimental to
the public use.

Discover the Lake, get inspired.

Nickerson Lake visitors who are condemned to live away from the lake often spend at least part of the year dreaming of when they can return for a vacation or for good. Memories of summer fun are passed down through generations and new adventures await those who enjoy the outdoors and being at camp. We hope that by exploring this website, you will both recognize and discover what makes Nickerson Lake so special to the families and visitors who have enjoyed its beauty and recreational opportunities.

People who reside at any Maine lake, whether it be for a week, the summer or year-round, are often fiercely devoted to the protection of that lake and the sense of community it evokes. Nickerson Lake is no different.

This emotional attachment can bring about acts of conservation aimed at allowing future generations to experience what makes spending time at the lake so refreshing and memorable. This website is intended to be a source of information about the lake and to inspire efforts to protect the lake and its watershed.
Photo by Ivars Krutainis on Unsplash

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