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Ice-out contest is closed for 2021. Thank you all for your participation.

The winner of the Ice-Out contest of 2021 will be announced here when the Ice Melts out 🙂 


A little background: 
Paul Porter designed the high tech apparatus shown in the picture that will determine the time of ice-out with split second accuracy.  

He and Al Cowperthwaite built the device which sets a new standard for ice-out detection equipment.


Resources for better prediction:
To help in this year’s prediction, refer to this record of ice-out dates since 1949 supplied by Al Putnam. The Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has compiled information on state-wide ice out dates and similar information is on this page, provided by Lake Stewards of Maine. The US Geological Survey has issued this paper on the New England ice-out date trend.

The winner and runners-up will be published on this website as soon as ice-out occurs.  

The winner’s prize is everything contained in a Treasure Chest (on display at James H. McPartland & Sons) and a framed certificate honoring their achievement. The winner will also get the Nickerson Lake 2020 Poster. 

Noon on April 1st is the DEADLINE for entries.  Last year, 100 people from Brooklyn to New Limerick and from Santa Barbara to Dubai, all with a connection to Nickerson Lake, entered to win the fabulous prizes and bragging rights. 

Read the article: Two Magic Maine Words: Ice out! in the Bangor Daily News from 2014 featuring Nickerson Lake’s elaborate system to make our annual ice-out contest more official.

2014 Ice-Out Apparatus

Paul Porter designed the high tech apparatus shown above that will determine the time of ice-out with split second accuracy. 

Ice-Out Schematic Drawing

Paul and Al Cowperthwaite built the device which sets a new standard for ice-out detection equipment. 

Explaining Time!

Paul explaining some of the more technical details of the Porter 2000X Ice-out-ometer to Jerry Hammond who maintained the equipment.

The Treasure Chest

This year, the treasure chest contents are truly spectacular: rope! flashlight! cups! jar opener! sailboat decoration! fly dope! travel pack! Houlton Farms Dairy t-shirt! and much more!

Summer News

Crescent Park and the Ladies of the Lake

  • From Left to right: Nancy, Martha, and Debby

August 7, 2020:

Crescent Park, the lovely spot where you can have a picnic and enjoy swimming in Nickerson Lake, is always in need of volunteers to take care of it.

Fortunately, Martha Novis and a group of wonderful ladies of the lake volunteer to help maintain the park.

Martha started three years ago to help the State manage the park. She picks up trash once aweek, which helps keep our lake clean. She also stains the park fence with a group of painters who have given their time: Linda McGuire, Alison Bossie, Debby Ward and Nancy Pierce.

The fence is being repaired by Joe Inman, Jim Ward and Al Friel. They are slowly making progress with limited materials.

The park can always benifit from more hands to keep it clean and keep our lake clean. If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for all you do!

  • By Ruba Haddad
  • “Wow!” By Charles Wing
  • “From Storm to Sunshine” by Erin Beelitz
  • By Charles Weston
  • By Tracy Peabody
  • By Tori Brown
  • “From the “Breeze” after all the Rain” By Liz Duff
  • By Martha Novis
  • By Tori Brown
  • View From the Breeze
Summer News

A Rainbow or Two on the Lake

July 30, 2020:

We were waiting for the rain all day … and it rained …

I was doing the dishes when I saw a glimpse of a rainbow from behind all of the wires and visual obstacles. I did take a picture but was very sad that I cant see the full rainbow!

However, the people of this lake never disappoint! I have received so many beautiful pictures of the rainbow from different locations on the lake and decided to turn this into an event! so here you go …

Enjoy the pictures of the rainbow (or two) after a stormy evening on this beautiful lake!

A big thank you to the generous people of the lake .. keep them coming!

Summer News

4th of July Boat Parade

July 4, 2020:

Momentum building for boat parade 6 pm Saturday.

From parade master Jim McPartland:

Happy 4th of July!

Boat parade Saturday 6 pm.
Gathering in Bossie cove.
No requirements but decorate if you wish.
Jump in any where.

Help spread the word.

Summer News

Notice of no annual meeting

June 9, 2020:

The NLWP board of directors has decided to not hold a meeting of the general membership this year.

The next annual meeting of the general membership of Nickerson Lake Wilderness Preservation, Inc. will be held in July of 2021 at 7PM at the New Limerick town office.

If you have any questions or concerns about lake matters, please contact President Nancy Putnam at 532-6841 or

Non-members are encouraged to join NLWP to be part of protecting the lake.

  • stay Safe – Until we Meet Again 2021!

Winter Fun


Feb 1, 2020:
From the County: “Moosestompers weekend is billed as three days of winter fun for the family and features a variety of activities for children and adults to enjoy together. Returning favorites include the Hogan Tire Skate Night, sliding under the lights on Derby Hill in Community Park and the ATV/UTV/Snowmobile Light Parade.”

Nickerson Lake was one of the lakes that hosted the Ice-fishing Derby that is a popular feature of the weekend.

and the winner of 2020 Ice-Fishing Derby is:

Feb 2, 2020:
Another fun event is the Free Kids Fishing Derby on Nickerson Lake!

and the winner of 2020 Kids Fishing Derby is:

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