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Nickerson Lake Visual Blog of 2020

We all agree that Nickerson Lake is a very special place that has been there for us during this strange year 2020! 

Thanks to all of you for your contributions in documenting the 366 days of 2020 in this daily visual journal – check out our page on facebook or our instagram! We turned this journey into a 18×24 poster that is now available to purchase for $15 each (+ $5 if we mail it) , and 2020/2021 contributions to NLCF of $50.00 or more will receive a poster for free. Every penny raised will go directly to the Conservation Fund for use solely to pursue its mission to improve the health and water quality of the lake.


Posters can be purchased by check only and will be mailed to you or delivered if you are within a 30 minute drive from the lake.

The check should be made out to Nickerson Lake Conservation Fund (NLCF) indicating the number of posters you would like to purchase in the memo ($15 per poster + $5 postage and handling if you need it mailed to you). Any amount over the cost of the poster and shipping will be considered a donation to NLCF.

You can send the check to Ruba Haddad P.O. Box 525 Houlton, ME 04730. Please include your phone number and address.

Mission Statement

“The purpose of the Nickerson Lake Conservation Fund is to support the efforts of Nickerson Lake Wilderness Preservation, Inc. (NLWP) by maintaining and improving the lake’s water quality thereby preserving the area’s attraction to the general public,  the quality of NLWP’s real estate, and the area’s overall ecology. The operation and liquidation of the fund will be subject to all NLWP By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation to insure all funds collected and disbursed fall within the tax posture of the NLWP.”

Some examples of ways the fund might be used:

  • – Educating property owners on ways to prevent soil erosion
  • – Building communal or individual septic systems to prevent discharges to the lake
  • – Correcting existing stormwater drainage problems
  • – Matching funds for grants from agencies to improve water quality
  • – Funding real estate purchases by NLWP within the Nickerson Lake watershed

Conservation Fund Board of Directors


Jim Liddell

Vice Chair

Ruba Haddad


Jake Cowperthwaite

2021 Projects

We are excited to announce our three projects for 2021 that we are hoping to accomplish during the coming year.
Septic System Support

The NLCF continues to support property owners’
efforts to improve their septic systems and will pay for an initial site evaluation (with a very reasonable
limit) and will continue to support projects that move forward. Please contact any director for more
information on any NLCF activity.

Contact Us

Other ways to Support Our Lake

Please consider supporting NLCF by sending a check to:

NLCF, 6 North Street

If your name should not be included on our list of donors, please include instructions to that effect.

Become a Member of NLWP

If you own a property on the shore of Nickerson Lake:

Join us today and make a difference for annual dues of just $35.

Your dues will go toward operating costs such as postage, insurance, supplies and printing.

You will be placed on the mailing list and you will be invited to attend and vote at any meeting of the general membership.

Become a (non-voting) Honorary Member

Become an Honorary Member

If you do not own a property on the shore of Nickerson Lake,

and want to make a difference please join us today for annual dues of just $35.

You will be placed on the mailing list and you will be invited to attend (but not vote) at any meeting of the general membership.

Tribute Gifts

You can make donations in honor or in memory of a beloved one. Tribute gifts can be broken down into two types of gifts. You can choose to be anonymous at the donation list that is published on the website.

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