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| Charles Wing
MAINE BOATING LAWS & RULES is a printable 4-page summary of all rules and regulations for boating on the lakes of Maine.

The sole purpose of the rules is to prevent accidents, and all are based on common sense. We urge you to print and review this short document at the beginning of every boating season. Doing so may avoid the inconvenience, embarrassment, and possible fine from a safety inspection by the fisheries warden.  

The source for the condensed summary is the 40-page booklet, the Boater’s Guide to Maine Boating Laws and Responsibilities, also available as a free pdf file at   

Hiking Trails

| Gary Hagan

There are so many beautiful trails to hike this summer. This map created by Gary Hagan shows the different trails you can hike.

You Can Help Protect Your Lake From Invasive Plants

| Brooke Hafford MacDonald

Like each and every one of you, I know that northern Maine is an incredibly special place. The quiet waters, unique wildlife, and acres and acres of undeveloped forest provide the perfect backdrop for endless outdoor adventures. In addition to being a lover of wilderness, I am deeply connected to this area because it is where I grew up – no matter where I go, Aroostook County will always be “home”.

Nickerson Lake Chowder Recipe

| Al Cowperthwaite

This is a recipe for a hearty chowder which is best cooked over an open fire in the outdoors, when ice fishing; OR on a wood fired cook stove. The name is relative to where the chowder is made…it’s also been called Hay Lake Chowder, Chamberlain Chowder, Eagle Lake Chowder… It’s a Christmas Eve staple at our house. – Al Cowperthwaite

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