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We can keep NICKERSON LAKE clean

To date, there is no evidence that milfoil is in Nickerson Lake, and that’s just the way it should stay if we all work together to protect our lake. 

  • Where — Water milfoil is an invasive weed that grows under water.

  • Why — Once milfoil is established, it is impossible to eradicate.

  • How — Water milfoil grows very fast and very thick in water up to 12 feet deep.

  • Appearance — Milfoil has fine, feather-like leaves that grow in a whorl of four; each whorl has about 12 leaves. The plant has a pink or red stem that holds a pink or red flower above the water in mid-summer.

  • Impact— Water milfoil forms thick mats on the water surface. The thick mats prevent swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing , and more.

  • Impact— Water milfoil changes the lake pH and drops the oxygen, killing fish and other water creatures. The lake becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos.

  • How it spreads— Water milfoil is spread mostly by people who accidentally carry a small piece of the plant from an infected lake or pond to a clean lake. Tiny pieces of plant cling to boats, motors, trailers, fishing equipment, and water sports equipment.

  • How you can help — You can help STOP THE SPREAD of water milfoil into Nickerson Lake.

  • How you can help — You can volunteer to help with Courtesy Boat Inspections at the boat launch.

“A community is like a ship, everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” – Henrik Ibsen

Take the Helm


Drain your boat, live well, ballast tanks, and bilge when taking boat from a body of water.


Clean your boat, trailer, and motor before you put them in a body of water.


Check and clean your fishing gear and water sports equipment for plant pieces.


Throw plant pieces in the garbage, not near a water’s edge, where they may grow.


Talk to your neighbors about ways to prevent plants from getting into Nickerson Lake.


Volunteer for Courtesy Boat Inspection at the boat launch.


Look for milfoil in the lake. Mark suspicious plants with weighted buoy. Snip and contain 8-12 inches of plant to preserve in water-filled plastic bag. Do not pull plant out by roots. Fragmentation will spread plant.


Report suspicious plants to Lake Stewards of Maine per website directions Reporting Suspicious Aquatic Species .

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